Warning: Raw emotions enclosed.


A mother and a father, all at the same time

Comes with a blessing, but also of judgment.


The options are limited

Most of the time, you are on your own

Making decisions

Following every schedule

Making sure they get enough attention

Hoping they embrace every situation

And praying they eat and drink to repletion.


Where do you run to?

To whom will you confide with?

How do you make sure everything is reloaded?

When you yourself is on the brink of depletion?


You had your highs and your lows

Pitying your lowest of lows

Forgetting that you also had your winnings

Making you ready for every kind of trying.


Yes, you have every reason to retreat

Every reason to take off

This, however, is not an alternative.

So you move forward

Even with just enough strength

Sometimes, you faked it

Oftentimes, you pretended you have it

Still showing off a smile

That everything is all right.


Others wondered,

Why are you not breaking?

Why do you stand still fighting?

You discreetly asked yourself.

You knew you have answers.


The tiny laughter

That fills the hallway

The smiles that you see

Across from the other room

The happy eyes that you

Carefully notice


These are more than enough

To  keep you as a warrior.



Once in a while, give yourself some grace

And please always remember

That God is with you now and forever!


Jeremiah 29:11
“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”


First Holy Communion

The First Holy Communion is one of the highlights of our Catholic faith. It is a big deal for us. It is an achievement. It is a milestone. For Catholic girls/ladies/women, the first holy communion is the second time we get to wear white dress…

Proverbs 31 Woman

It has been a while since I last wrote and for several months now, I have been thinking and reflecting about Proverbs 31. The Proverbs 31 is widely known for Christians, in general, as the Proverbs 31 Woman. It enumerated a long demanding list of…

End Racism Now

End Racism Now

I’d like to think I am open-minded and flexible person. I get along well with different races. I have friends from different descent. Being a brown-skinned woman, I have not directly experienced any kind of racism from white people. Not until… two to three months…

Done with school!

My title mentioned about being done and school. I really want to talk about the former. Haha 🙂 You know, when I finished my Bachelors back fourteen years ago (wow, that long already?!), I have told myself that I will never pursue any advanced degrees.…

Cancelled First Holy Communion

Cancelled First Holy Communion

Today was supposed to be a special day for Stella and her schoolmates. They were scheduled to have their First Holy Communion. They have been preparing for it since the start of school year. Sadly, due to the current global pandemic we are in, it…

Mother’s Day 2020

Today, we celebrate all the mothers and mothers at heart around the globe. A common trait they have all have is selflessness. They aren’t perfect but they sure try to do their best for their child/children. These women are incredible in their own ways. She…

Two Years

It’s been two years since the not-so-little one was born. Two years flew by and I couldn’t be any happier if it wasn’t for her arrival. Perhaps, Esther, you were born for such a time as this. Two years and I think I have to…

Crushing A Goal!

Today was supposed to be my first half-marathon race! And of course, it was cancelled almost two weeks ago. Was I sad? Hmm, a little bit but helping the community fight the battle against COVID-19 trumps those feelings in one second. It all started walking…

Stella Maris

A free-spirited, loving, helpful Kind, and caring Are what most people describe you. I couldn’t agree more But you are more than those adjectives Most especially when you are with me at home. I’ve seen you grow very closely I’ve seen the ups and downs…

Ash Wednesday

I am wary on putting my thoughts about Ash Wednesday. I don’t want to write something wrong about it. Then I realized, I’ve made countless mistakes already. It’s okay. All the more I think it is  more suitable to talk about it. Ash Wednesday is…

Healing is possible!

Yes, healing is possible, my friends. Emotional healing is very much indeed, achievable. I am sure that in one way or another, we all have witnessed healing; may it be physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, or even financial. We have read miracles of healing narrated in…

Once Agains and For A Whiles

ONCE AGAINs.   I’ll see familiar faces once againIn places that made me regainThe love, the smiles, the vigorOf what it is to be a victor.   I’ll see familiar faces once againSome of which waited for a plain,A point-blank and a directOf why I left despite…

Lord, what if?

Lord, what if I wake up one day and life is so perfect? Then, I wouldn’t have tasted the sweetness of life-giving as a service to You… What if there were no sickness or problems to bring me suffering or sorrow? Then, I wouldn’t have…

Smile Anyway

I’ve often thought of itIn places hard to getAnd circumstances impossible to makeA smile that can meltA heart that’s unrest.So I’ve made a resolutionAmidst every awful situationAnd sorrowful plightTo choose, to decideTo smile anyway.When you’ve been taken advantageIn your weakness you lost perceptionOf the things…


I turned thirty-five. A lot has happened the last ten years. There were wins and yes, losses too. I could remember how colorful the year was when I turned twenty-five. I caught myself saying, I wish this year will be the same. I hurriedly snapped…

Happy 2020!

It’s a new year! In fact, a new decade to look forward to! I am overly excited, are you? Before I get carried away about my thoughts on what the next decennary will bring to my life, I want to focus on day after another,…

Sorry, Not Sorry

I have been questioned, judged, and ghosted On the things I have stood by and wanted For what it’s worth? Who knows. But sorry, not sorry It’s my life My worry, My glory!   I have grieved my lost The battle I have long fought…

Lord, what if?

Lord, what if I wake up one day and life is so perfect? Then, I wouldn’t have tasted the sweetness of life-giving as a service to You… What if there were no sickness or problems to bring me suffering or sorrow? Then, I wouldn’t have…

Live My Life

It was my birthday. Due to pandemic, I celebrated it with those whom I interacted almost everyday. This is the time I look forward celebrating Epiphany as well. It most of the time falls on my birthday, which reminds me of the divine discovery and…

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